Experimental Furniture and Lighting Design for Y.S Collective.

Unknown - Exploring the nexus of 3D printing and hand craft in design. 

How might hand craft and additive manufacturing be used in unison to make products for the home? That is the question that forms the basis for our ongoing experimental design project Unknown, for Y.S Collective. The Unknown series explores potential relationships between traditional, hand crafted materials and materials produced through additive manufacturing (or 3D printing), one of the worlds most advanced manufacturing processes.

The Titanium-Jade light and Titanium-Tawa Table are the result of the first phase of this project and are made from Selective Laser Sintered Titanium and natural, hand crafted New Zealand materials. Designing furniture that combines 3D printed titanium with hand carved jade and hand crafted wood, is arguably a world first. This unique combination gives the pieces an aesthetic story that cannot be found anywhere else in design today.

The Titanium-Jade light and the Titanium-Tawa Table share an organic aesthetic. The titanium structures have almost no straight lines and an irregularity, which is reminiscent of the way that bones or branches grow, giving structure only where it is needed. The hand crafted components of the two pieces were made to guidelines, not specification drawings, allowing the craftsmen to work with the natural properties of the materials and to leave their own personal touch on the pieces.

We worked with New Zealand additive manufacturing company Rapid Advanced Manufacturing (or RAM), to produce the titanium components for both pieces. Several prototypes and multiple material tests were produced before the final production of the pieces could take place. We also worked with a New Zealand jade carving expert and a traditional wood worker to produce the hand crafted components. “We believe it to be important to think local with production of limited edition pieces and this project illustrates that we have world leading manufacturer’s right here in New Zealand.” - Y.S Collective.

Titanium & Jade light combines one of New Zealand’s oldest and most culturally significant crafts, with one of it's most advanced manufacturing techniques.

Titanium & Tawa Table consists of three one legged wooden surfaces, supported by a web of 3D printed titanium.