Workplace design for Paymark.

New Zealand electronic payments giant Paymark was going through a process of rebranding internally. They needed their head office in Auckland to be converted to reflect their new brand direction and core values. So they asked Think & Shift to refresh their space. We said no.

We proposed to Paymark that what they needed was not for their space to be refreshed by us, but for it to be refreshed by their own staff. We suggested that to get the staff engaged and invested in their new brand values and for them to feel ownership over their place of work, it needed to be converted by the people who use it. Paymark agreed.

Instead of designing a new space and imposing it on the staff, we created a system. A system by which staff could 'design' their own space, by building wall features and then rearrange them over time to suit their own preferences.

We turned the spatial refresh into a brand engagement exercise. Staff arrived to work on a Monday to find - as well as new furniture, new spatial layouts and a Nerf gun station - new oak wall panelling with modules of shelving, lighting, and greenery scattered around the office, waiting to be hung on the panels. Ultimately converting the very corporate feeling space into one that is more warm, homely, healthy and personal.