Impala - Bar.jpg

A quirky, eccentric underground venue.   

Impala is a Nightclub in one of Auckland city’s few underground inhabitable dungeons.

The brief was to create an unpretentious, industrially low lit Nightclub where trigger-happy social mediates utilise snapshot areas for social media to extend the brand past the physical location. In a select few areas we bought the theme through to be uniquely ‘Impala’, where others were intended to disappear into the darkness.

The creative direction was to design an engaging experience where we played on the illusion of depth, by warping perception through gold metal sheets, and exceeding the space beyond the walls. We allowed for the occupants to see but not to touch.

The exposed steel tables, gridding, and wallpaper complement each other in highlighting the industrial-grunge aesthetic. When paired with the logged timber side-tables, this furthers the narrative of an urban jungle.

Project location: Shortland Street, Auckland CBD