Hideaway Chair
Hideaway Chair Seated

Hideaway Chair for Adults.

Design development for a recognised market. 

Design led childcare company New Shoots, approached Think & Shift to design a product that provides children a comforting sense of enclosure in their childcare centres; a chair that serves as a space for children to get away from the noise and busyness of their surrounding environment, so we did that and now this. 


We have developed a design targeted towards adults through efficient product tweaks and re-organised componentry. Originally designed for comfort of a toddler, we have achieved ergonomic comfort for adult user through simply removing the top timber panel, then including a lumbar pillow. 


The chair is suited to both commercial or residential environments, manufactured with commercially graded, sustainable materials. Additionally, is manufactured entirely in New Zealand and completely dismantled more efficient and sustainable shipping. 


Special thanks to Starex manufacturing: www.starex.co.nz

Hideaway Chair Top