Installation design for BoConcept and Urbis Design Day

We collaborated with BoConcept NZ to take part in 2015’s Urbis Design Day and Design Day Pro in Auckland.

BoConcept asked us to create an installation that would wow event goers while fitting in with the retailer’s high quality, Danish aesthetic. We chose to draw inspiration from products in the Boconcept range, to design an experiential installation that filled the carpark next to BoConcept’s beautiful Mt Eden showroom.

The installation consisted of a series of three mini installations, each in a white fabric-clad, free standing pavilion. The house shaped pavilions were designed to reference Design Day’s theme of ‘Made For Living’. Each of the mini installations presented an abstract experience of a product from the BoConcept range. The Pavilions glowed with both light and sound, in the dark, quiet and calm car park space, contrasting the adjacent bright and buzzing showroom. 

Three products were selected between Think & Shift and the team at BoConcept. The Monza Table, Kaleidoscope Rug and Pine Cone Lamp worked perfectly as a set and provided a beautiful start point to the project. From there, we extracted a concept from the design of each product and blew that up into a room-filling installation. We wanted to design for as many of the senses as possible, so between the three pavilions, we included not only interesting things to see but also tactile experiences and a custom made soundscape for each pavilion.